Can you help in our research?

Now and again we stumble across something in our research where we think - "there must be more out there" - sometimes more of what we have seen once or sometimes things we assume must exist.

For example we assume there must be many more catalogues for Potttery and tiles than we have seen.

We have seen many advertisements for Pilkington's tiles and pottery but there are probably many more we have not seen. Sometimes we find references to old tile schemes that may have been photographed locally and are now "lost" to study. For example:-

The Stockton Corn Exchange, the Bristol Stock Exchange, the York City and County  Bank Barnsley, the Royal Insurance Offices Barnsley,  Union Beckett Street Leeds ( a hospital we think?) , Dial House Leeds and many others.

We have written about the tile panels that used to be located in Liverpool museum but have only found 3 photographs of them "in situ".

If you have any old photographs or catalogues or just the unusual please let us know at :

In the mean time does any one know about these ? They are typical installations in Co-op stores c 1920  - are there any local to you?

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We are also trying to fill in some gaps in our databases.

List of known shapes and those for which we have no image here.
There are no heights for the shapes listed here.

If you can send us details of the heights or an image that would be very helpful.
Any interesting items always welcome.

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